Welcome to my blog wherein I discuss and comment on recent accounting, business taxation and technology topics. If you missed on my weblogs of yesteryear, I have a penchant for number crunching and wearing many hats including tax advisor, software developer, teacher, business consultant  and of course technology enthusiast.

For starters, the year 2020 was plagued by a world health crisis of unprecedented magnitude. Yes, the dreaded corona virus disease or covid-19 which resulted in unparalleled loss of life, decline of economic activity and social isolation let alone the fear of what the future holds regarding the pandemic.

While I shudder to embrace the grim reality of what  this public health scourge has in store, I am however grateful for the unwavering support of the government in spearheading  the vaccination initiatives.

As lock-down restrictions come to an end, it becomes imperative for business to now focus  on  recovery, tax  and other statutory compliance matters. To assist you with such compliance, I  will regularly provide you with important updates and guidelines on this weblog.

Just in case you have been snowed under by what’s going on regarding the deadly corona virus pandemic. I have news for you. The due date for submission of the 2020 income tax self assessment returns and financial statements is 30 April 2021. The PAYE reconciliation return ITF16 for 2020 should also have been submitted no later than January 30.

Last but not least, all taxpayers registered for value added tax should be fiscalized and interfaced with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority for both the US  and Zimbabwe dollars. This is one of the important requirement for accessing the 2021 tax clearance among others.