• Transformational Life Coaching
    We assist individuals transform by specifically coaching them to adopt a resourceful and positive mindset required to create their own solutions. Transformational coaching ensures that individuals are better equipped to deal with each and every conceivable life challenge.
  • Transactional Life Coaching
    Transactional coaching on the other hand is about achieving desired goals and set objectives. Our coach will  focus on short term improved performance based on the client’s current circumstances and way of being.
  • Relationship Coaching
    Relationship coaching is a life coaching specialty applicable to personal and business relationships. Our relationship coach  will support individuals in learning and truly understanding the dynamics of relating, especially in marriages, family and romantic partnerships. In the event of a relationship coming to an end our coach will  assist with the breakup recovery process.
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Coaching
    This coaching modality is meant for entrepreneurs committed to improving or taking their business to the next level. We will assist them to focus on their business’ current performance, formulate goals and objectives and create an action plan.
  • Neuro-Transformational Coaching
    We are proud to offer this type of coaching to our clients. This coaching approach is based on the latest scientific research on how the brain works to create new neural pathways and consolidate existing pathways through habituation and practice. It is truly inspiring to finally understand that our brains are endowed with plasticity and not a fixed capability inherited at birth, thus making it easier to teach old dogs new tricks.
  • Personal Development and Training
    Our personal development coach helps individuals transform their lives by adopting new personalities geared to enhance their capabilities.