• Payroll Preparation Services
    Our payroll consultant assist clients with the preparation of employees’ payslips, summaries of PAYE ,NSSA and other statutory deductions. The consultant also helps clients maintain registers of leave days for workers along with attending to PAYE audits and NSSA inspections.
  • Monthly PAYE and Annual ITF16
    We calculate employees’ monthly or weekly PAYE in accordance with the Final Deduction System (FDS) and submit monthly (P2) returns to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. After the fiscal year end, we prepare and submit Annual PAYE (ITF16) returns to the taxation authority.
  • Other Payroll Compliance Services
    Our payroll consultant helps with registering new businesses with statutory bodies including the National Social Security Authority, National Employment Councils and the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund. This is followed by  monthly submissions of the required  returns and any other information these statutory bodies may require from time to time.
  • Human Resources Management
    We help business enterprises in the recruitment, induction and training of employees along with devising strategies for the management of human resources.
  • PBC and Company Registrations
    We attend to the registration of  private business corporations and private limited companies with the Registrar of Companies in accordance with the new Companies Act.
  • Company Secretarial Services
    Our corporate secretary will assist with the preparation and submission of company statutory returns (Annual returns, CR5, CR6, CR11 etc) to the Registrar of Companies and perform other outsourced company secretarial duties.